●   ‘B++’ Grade Accreditation by NAAC, Bangalore  ●   ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ Award by the UGC, New Delhi  ●   ‘Best College’ Award by the University of Pune  ●   ‘Educational Excellence Award’ by the Brands Academy, New Delhi  ●   ‘Most Promising Educational Institute in Maharashtra’ by Worldwide Achievers, New Delhi  ●   ‘International Quality Award for Excellence in Higher Education’ by Brands Impact  ●   ‘Best College in Maharashtra for Innovative Educational Programmes’  ●   ‘The Most Promising Degree College in West India’


The Bhaskar Pandurang Hivale Education Society’s Ahmednagar College is a Christian Minority institution. It was established in 1947 as the first centre of higher education in Ahmednagar district. The College is committed to the liberal humanist ideals and has been renowned for its active role in social justice initiatives, innovative educational programs, research and community oriented activities. The College has over the years proved itself as a centre of quality education attracting students from all parts of India.

Ahmednagar College, the first and the oldest institution of Ahmednagar District. A premier institution of learning for traditional as well as new-age subjects, the name of the college is synonymous with Quality Education. It is affiliated to the University of Pune.

Recent News

9/11/2023 1:22:53 PM स्वालंबी भारत अंतर्गत अहमदनगर महाविद्यालयात उद्योजकता यात्रा संपन्न

स्वालंबी भारत अंतर्गत अहमदनगर महाविद्यालयात उद्योजकता यात्रा संपन्न

9/11/2023 1:26:36 PM अहमदनगर महाविद्यालयाचे डॉ बार्नबस यांना राष्ट्रीय एकात्मता पुरस्कार प्रदान

अहमदनगर महाविद्यालयाचे डॉ बार्नबस यांना राष्ट्रीय एकात्मता पुरस्कार प्रदान

9/11/2023 1:31:36 PM रॅगिंग टाळण्यासाठी सजग राहायला हवे

रॅगिंग टाळण्यासाठी सजग राहायला हवे


From Principal's Desk

Marking a momentous milestone, Ahmednagar College is proudly celebrating its Platinum Jubilee, a testimony to 75 years of excellence in education and unwavering dedication to shaping young minds. From humble beginnings to a renowned institution, the growth of Ahmednagar College has been nothing short of extraordinary.
The story of Ahmednagar College began in 1947 when the visionary educationist the Rev. Dr. B.P. Hivale dared to dream of establishing an institution that would offer quality education to the youth of the region. Nestled amidst lush green surroundings, the college started with just a handful of students and a modest campus. Nonetheless, the commitment of the Founder and his team to fostering academic brilliance and holistic development set the stage for a journey that would span seven and a half decades.
Since its inception, Ahmednagar College has been dedicated to academic excellence, constantly adapting to changing educational trends and emerging disciplines. The college's faculty, composed of passionate educators and seasoned researchers, have consistently nurtured young minds, encouraging them to explore their full potential. Beyond academics, Ahmednagar College has fostered a vibrant campus life, promoting extracurricular activities, sports, and cultural events. This holistic approach to education has produced well-rounded graduates who not only excel in their chosen fields but also contribute meaningfully to society.
Throughout its journey, Ahmednagar College has been at the forefront of innovation in education. Anticipating the needs of the future, the college introduced pioneering programs and courses, bridging the gap between academia and industry demands. The establishment of state-of-the-art laboratories, research centers, and collaboration with industries further enriched the learning experience for the students. Over the years, Ahmednagar College has built strong ties with national and international institutions, encouraging student exchange programs and fostering global perspectives. The college has welcomed students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, creating a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and experiences. This exposure has broadened horizons and enriched the college's learning environment, enhancing the students' readiness to thrive in a globalized world.
A college's success is often measured by the accomplishments of its alumni, and Ahmednagar College takes immense pride in its distinguished graduates. Over the years, the college has produced trailblazers in various fields, including academics, business, arts, politics, and more. These alumni have carved their paths to success, and their contributions to their respective fields have been a testament to the quality of education and values instilled by Ahmednagar College. As Ahmednagar College celebrates its Platinum Jubilee, it continues to be deeply ingrained in the local community. Through numerous outreach programs, the college actively contributes to social causes through its wings such as NSS, Snehabandha, RCDA and various departments. The institution's commitment to giving back has not only enriched the lives of countless individuals but has also instilled in its students a sense of responsibility and empathy towards society.
As Ahmednagar College looks back on 75 years of growth and accomplishment, it also sets its sights on a promising future. Embracing the ever-changing landscape of education, the college envisions expanding its offerings, strengthening research capabilities, and maintaining its commitment to fostering excellence. The Platinum Jubilee celebrations serve as a reminder of the college's remarkable journey and an opportunity to celebrate the collective efforts of the entire Ahmednagar College community. From the founders to the current students and faculty, each individual has played a crucial role in shaping the institution's legacy. As Ahmednagar College celebrates its Platinum Jubilee, it not only reflects on its incredible growth and achievements but also acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead. With unwavering determination, dedication, and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of education, Ahmednagar College paves the way for another 75 and more years of brilliance, creating a lasting impact on generations to come.
May God bless this great institution of ours.

Dr. R J Barnabas

About B. P. H. E. Society

Ahmednagar College is administered by the Bhaskar Pandurang Hivale Education Society, Ahmednagar. The Society also runs two other institutes - of Management and Social Work. The Society is led by eminent educationists and professionals who have scaled the pinnacles of success in their respective fields. Ahmednagar College is the first and the oldest institution of Ahmednagar District. A premier institution of learning for traditional as well as new-age subjects, the name of the college is synonymous with Quality Education. It is affiliated to the University of Pune.



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