●   ‘B++’ Grade Accreditation by NAAC, Bangalore  ●   ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ Award by the UGC, New Delhi  ●   ‘Best College’ Award by the University of Pune  ●   ‘Educational Excellence Award’ by the Brands Academy, New Delhi  ●   ‘Most Promising Educational Institute in Maharashtra’ by Worldwide Achievers, New Delhi  ●   ‘International Quality Award for Excellence in Higher Education’ by Brands Impact  ●   ‘Best College in Maharashtra for Innovative Educational Programmes’  ●   ‘The Most Promising Degree College in West India’


The Bhaskar Pandurang Hivale Education Society’s Ahmednagar College is a Christian Minority institution. It was established in 1947 as the first centre of higher education in Ahmednagar district. The College is committed to the liberal humanist ideals and has been renowned for its active role in social justice initiatives, innovative educational programs, research and community oriented activities. The College has over the years proved itself as a centre of quality education attracting students from all parts of India.

Ahmednagar College, the first and the oldest institution of Ahmednagar District. A premier institution of learning for traditional as well as new-age subjects, the name of the college is synonymous with Quality Education. It is affiliated to the University of Pune.

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From Principal's Desk

It is through education that we acquire knowledge of our world and environment and learn to change them to suit our needs better. It is also through education that we are able to develop self-understanding and further have unique insights into our existence in this world. In other words, education is not the same as information. In our times, obtaining data – even in large proportions – is easy. But, making such data significant, usable and purposeful requires a discernment that can come only with education. Whether we get this education in an institution or through our elders, whether by doing things in the world or by observing the actions of others, whether through textbooks or through life-lessons, education is a must to bring value to our experiences, to our life. But, in the past couple of years, the COVID-19 situation has undermined precisely our ability to continue with the known ways of imparting education. Apart from the havoc to life and livelihood, to health and economy, this pandemic has ruptured our very systems of education in many ways. Restrictions on mobility and face to face meets has forced us to re-imagine not only how we can work, but also how we can learn. Information and communication technologies no doubt have eased the crisis faced by education sector, but in countries like ours, continuous access to these technologies and its cost have also been a serious issue. Online education has enabled us to not be totally inert, to have some semblance of normality in teaching-learning, though distantly. The question that has bothered all of us is its overall efficacy. While most of us have bemoaned the demerits of online education, we really need to be more positive and creative in approaching this platform of education. We all have learnt what revolutionary changes have been made possible by the Internet in accessing learning resources. Therefore, we, educators, have to explore ways of making online education work to the advantage of the learners and other stakeholders. We need to compensate for elements of learning lost because of the lack of personal presence and sociality of students by way of supplementation in other ways. Even as we identify what gets lost due to online education, we need to explore what can be gainful and enriching in this mode of education. Therefore, I remember the words of reputed educationist Paulo Freire “Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning." If at all the global crisis brought about by the Covid 19 virus has taught us something, then surely one such is the truth of this observation. Because, the pandemic induced social immobility underlined how teachers need to creatively engage students to facilitate education in a milieu that normally is not associated with academic learning - home. This is a time when we should focus on what can be done rather than what is not done. In this context, I am happy and proud that we at Ahmednagar College, have been successful in conducting our classes in online as well as hybrid mode of education. We have been able to reach out to our student community and provide them continuous education. This involved the use of ICT at various levels and investing in diverse platforms that facilitated them. One sign of our efforts at exploring the changed situation may be seen in the way we produce this College Magazine now. In the event of social distance and online education, we decided to bring the College magazine, PRATIBIMBA, to the doorsteps of our readers. I am proud that Ahmednagar College has responded to the debilitating situation of the COVID-19 and its aftermath as best as it can and as creatively as is possible. I wish you happy reading of this fine issue of our College magazine. May God bless this great institution of ours.

Principal Dr. R J Barnabas
Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar

About B. P. H. E. Society

Ahmednagar College is administered by the Bhaskar Pandurang Hivale Education Society, Ahmednagar. The Society also runs two other institutes - of Management and Social Work. The Society is led by eminent educationists and professionals who have scaled the pinnacles of success in their respective fields. Ahmednagar College is the first and the oldest institution of Ahmednagar District. A premier institution of learning for traditional as well as new-age subjects, the name of the college is synonymous with Quality Education. It is affiliated to the University of Pune.



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