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The College has 8 research centres for PhD and M. Phil programme affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University.

ID Department Ph.D M.Phil Ph.D M.Phil About View Uploaded Documents
1 Research Centre in Botany 2012 - 5 04 View View
2 Research Centre in Chemistry 2009 - 5 02 View View
3 Research Centre in Physics 2006 2014 8 06 View View
4 Research Centre in Zoology 2000 2000 5 03 View View
5 Research Centre in Geography 2006 - 6 01 View View
6 Research Centre in Commerce 2008 - 10 - View View
7 Research Centre in English 2014 - 7 - View View
8 Research Centre in Marathi 2006 2006 15 03 View View
9 Research Centre in Psychology 2021 - 12 - View View


Academic and research coordinator : As per guidelines of Savitribai Phule Pune University, the College has appointed Prof. Shelke Pradip Bhaushabe as Academic and Research Coordinator of the college, since 1st January 2018. The role of the Academic and Research Coordinator in the college is to facilitate smooth functioning and implementation of different academic and research schemes and to promote inculcation of research environment in the institution. Research Policy Introduction: The Bhaskar Pandurang Hivale Education Society’s Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar is a pioneer institution of higher education which is the first as well as the foremost centre of education and research in Ahmednagar district, established in 1947. True to its founding motto of ‘Not Things but Men’, the College is dedicated to providing the best possible comprehensive training to students so that they emerge as both competent and inspired persons ready to take on the challenges of the globalised economy. Ahmednagar College has 24 UG, 22 PG departments apart from 09 research centres. 70 % of the faculty have research qualifications and are involved in active research. This policy document is a tool to help the faculty, students, stakeholders and collaborative institutes in doing their research to achieve excellence and contribute to the societal development. The content of the policy document includes aims and objectives, its applications, functions, grievance redressal mechanism etc. Aims and Objectives: 1. To develop and promote the scientific temper and research aptitudes of all learners. 2. To facilitate the participation of the faculty and students in research and related activities in the light of the vision and mission of the college. 3. To provide essential resources and facilities for the smooth conduct of Research activities. 4. To strengthen the capacity of planning, budgeting and control of all the research activities, 5. To encourage the researchers to undertake research of social need. 6. To develop procedures and guidelines to streamline research support, instituting awards, and other research related activities. 7. To help the faculty to integrate the research works with their curriculum. 8. To help researchers in identifying, collaborating and establishing linkages with GOs/NGOs/Industry and Research Organizations in the best interest of all its stakeholders. 9. To encourage researchers to write research projects, publish research articles in high impact journals and create vibrant research environment. 10. To provide the guidance, support and promotion for financial assistance. 11. To encourage the researcher to adhere to the research code, ethical and legal norms provided by the appropriate body. This policy document applies to the Staff (Permanent, Temporary, Leave Vacancy, Adhoc, CHB) who are bonafide of Ahmednagar College and engaged in research activities. Applies to: This policy document applies to the all bonafide students (undergraduate post-graduate and doctoral) of Ahmednagar College. This policy document applies to the research guide (institutional or affiliated), invited faculties, MoU partners involved in research activities, Ethical Aspects: The research centres functioning under Ahmednagar College will strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the UGC and SPPU from time to time. Grievance Redressal Mechanism: The institute has a students Grievance Redressal Mechanism. This mechanism is publicised with the students using different ways. Students enrolled in the research center for their research degree may got through this channel, if they have any grievances. This policy document is re-amended by the ARC and Coordinators of] the research centre, Ahmednagar College under the guidance of the Principal Dr R J Barnabas and accepted dated on 03/11/2022

Research committee College has a research committee, which motivates staff members to undertake research projects. The Committee gives guidelines regarding different funding agencies. This committee monitors the quality of research projects submitted to different research agencies and suggests improvements in the project, which leads to considerable increase in the number of projects sanctioned. Also, due to the efforts of this Committee, the central instrumentation facility and its maintenance has strengthened. Every year workshops, conferences etc. are organized in the College. Teachers are encouraged to pursue their M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees and to publish the research papers in national and international journals.

Sr No Member Name Designation
1 Dr. R. J. Barnabas Principal and Chairman
2 Prof.(Dr.) P.B. Shelke Academin Research Coordinator
3 Prof.(Dr.) S. K. Shelar Member
4 Prof.(Dr.) R.P. Deshmukh Member
5 Prof.(Dr.) Kamalakar Bhat Member
6 Prof.(Dr.) M. G. Unde Member
7 Prof.(Dr.) P. C. Bedarkar Member
8 Prof.(Dr.) A. A. Kulkarni Member
9 Dr. B. S. Khobragade Member
10 Dr. V. A. Kawade Member