About Alumni Association

Ahmednagar College, as the oldest educational institution in the district, boasts a vast and accomplished alumni base spanning diverse fields, with individuals achieving remarkable success at both national and international levels. Facilitating this connection is the Ahmednagar College Alumni Association, a registered entity (F-22972) overseen by the Charity Commission of Maharashtra State. Regular communication channels, particularly through the alumni social platform, keep alumni abreast of the institution's activities, achievements, and overall progress. The Alumni Association plays a pivotal role in cultivating employability and entrepreneurial skills among current students, aligning its mission to bridge the gap between academia and the corporate world. This collaboration unfolds through various events held in partnership with the college. Operational from an independent office at the Student Facility Center, the Alumni Association's office bearers drive its initiatives. In the academic year 2022–23, the Association organized alumni meetings with departments such as Mathematics, Zoology, Computer Science, BBA, Physics, Botany, Urdu, English, and Biotechnology, among others. These gatherings facilitated meaningful interactions, enabling alumni to share experiences, deliver guest lectures, and extend valuable career guidance and job opportunities to current students. Beyond fostering mentorship, the Alumni Association made a tangible financial impact by generously contributing Rs. 53,794 towards the institution's development. Some alumni expressed their commitment to supporting both off-campus and on-campus recruitment, thereby enhancing job prospects for current students. Looking ahead, the college aims to further boost financial contributions from alumni in the upcoming academic year. The alumni's connection with Ahmednagar College goes beyond financial assistance and career guidance; it reflects a profound emotional attachment. Alumni highlighted the institution's pivotal role in shaping their lives, expressing sentiments of gratitude and nostalgia. This report underscores the symbiotic relationship between alumni and the college, emphasizing the substantial impact of alumni involvement across various facets of the institution's growth and development. As Ahmednagar College continues to foster and strengthen these connections, the future holds the promise of even more significant contributions from its dedicated alumni. The enduring commitment of the Alumni Association and the profound bond shared between the alumni and the institution underscore the integral role played by alumni in the ongoing success and development of Ahmednagar College