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The Counselling Cell is established on 28th February 2002. The core reason behind establishment of the Counselling Cell was to provide curative, preventive and developmental help to the Ahmednagar college students for their overall development. The students are offered Counselling services for their different issues at personal, academic, career and skills development related. The counselling service is offered free of cost to the Ahmednagar College students.
The objectives behind offering Counselling are (i) To orient the student to a new physical environment and to make him aware of academic and co-curricular opportunities available; (ii) To help the student initiate a process of self-exploration and self-direction; (iii) To increase the student's acceptance of the reality about himself and his strengths and weaknesses; (iv) To help the student to be realistic about the world around him and about opportunities which exist for his own development with in his environment; (v) To help the student develop his ability to make decisions; (vi) To help the student become aware of the resources available to him as he functions at college; (vii) To help the individual by his own efforts so far as possible, to achieve up to the level of his own capacity; (viii) Gain personal satisfaction in as many aspects of his life as possible; (ix) To maximize his contribution to society and (x)To help students those are deviated by their behavioral point of view such as drugs addiction.
Outreach Activities: The Counselling Cell offering counselling, staff training to Amrutvahini, an NGO working for the readside destitutes for their sustainable rehabilitation.