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-The Department of Mathematics was established in 1950. A year later Mr. D.W. Sontakke became the first Head of the Department. During the formative years of the Department, under Mr. D.W. Sontakke’s leadership renowned teachers Mr. R. F. Suwarnakar (who won the ‘Best Teacher award’ by Z.P. Ahmednagar), Mr. M. D. Kesari, Mr.Tompe and Mr. S.S. Munot helped to build the Mathematics Department.

At present, the Department is headed by Mr. A.E. Lagad. There are two full time teachers: Mr. A.E. Lagad (M.Sc., M.Phil. also CSIR-JRF) and Mr. Ghule S. A. (M.Sc., M. Phil, stood first in M.Sc. Maths and Wrangler Paranjape award winner, SET). There are two CHB teachers: Mr. S.B. Gandhale (M.Sc., CSIR- NET(JRF), SET) and Mr.R.R. Devadhe (M.Sc., CSIR-NET, SET). There is three non-grant teacher: Mrs. P.R.Kale(M.Sc., SET, B.Ed), Mr. U.M. Patare (M.Sc. B.Ed), Mrs. S.B. Karale (M.Sc.)

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Faculty Name Qualification Designation Experience (Yrs.) Email ID Profile
Mr. A. E. Lagad M.Sc., M.Phil. NET Head, Asso.Professor 30 View
Mr. S. A. Ghule M.Sc., SET, M.Phil. Asso.Professor 25.3 View
Mr.Gandhale Suresh M.Sc. SET, NET Asst. Professor 0.0 View
Mr.Devadhe Rohidas M.Sc. Asst. Professor 0.0 View
M/s. Kale Paurnima Rajendra M.Sc. Mathematics. SET Asst. Professor 0.15 View
Mr. Udayraj M Patare M.Sc. Mathematics Asst. Professor 0.15 View