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The Department of Botany offering B.Sc. course was established in 1969. The Department offers M. Sc. and Ph.D. degree in Botany. The department has an in- house system of continuous review of its academic programmes that allows inclusion of newer areas into research and teaching. The B.Sc. and M.Sc. practical laboratories are well equipped to give ‘hands on’ training to students in the theory subjects taught to them.

M.Sc. Botany Program: This program offers an in-depth theoretical as well as practical knowledge in all areas of Botany. Students from botany backgrounds may join this program. Students have to take core courses and optional courses spread over four semesters, and practical courses in the all semesters. During the final two semesters, students also have to carry out a research project on a specific topic under the supervision of a faculty member in a laboratory and submit a dissertation for evaluation by a committee of experts followed by open oral presentation defending the project. Students also have to present a seminar. The post-graduate course M.Sc. with specialisation in Advanced Medicinal Botany commenced from 1998. The undergraduate program is Grant-in- Aid and PG program is no grant basis. The department has M.Phil./ Ph.D. Research Centre in Botany recognised by the University of Pune. Presently, the Department offers graduate and post-graduate courses leading to B.Sc., M.Sc., M. Phil. and Ph.D. degrees. HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR RESEARCH PROGRAMME (Ph.D Botany) has been on the forefront of research in several important areas/field as reflected by high impact research articles published in peer-reviewed national and international journals of repute. The department has consistently maintained a high level of productivity in terms of publications in reputed peer reviewed journals. Presently, the department has 3 M. Phil and Ph. D Guides.

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Dr. Abhijit Kulkarni has Published his research papers as follows: 1. Studies on Allelopathic Effect of Ocimum sanctum on a common weed Cassia uniflora, 2019 in IJRAR (Special Issue) Vol. 01 (ISSN: 2349-5138). 2. Studies on Antagonistic Actinomycetes from rhizosphere of Casuarina. 2019 in Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Vol. 09 (02) : 87 -90( ISSN 2249-1023) Conferences and Seminars Attended: 1. Attended and Presented a paper in an International Conference on “Recent Advances in Traditional Medicine, Medicinal Plants and Phytochemistry” at Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar on 8th amd 9th February, 2019. 2. Attended National Workshop on “ Achieving Excellence through Quality Assurance System” Organized by IQAC, Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar on 12th January 2019. 3. Attended Two Days State Level Multidisciplinary Seminar on “ Eco-Friendly Human Development: Problems and Solutions” at Marutraoji Ghule Patil Arts, Comm. & Sci.. College, Ahmednagar on 15th and 16th February 2019. 4. Attended and Presented a paper in State Level Seminar “Emerging Trends in Biodiversity Conservation” at K. J Somaiya College of Arts, Comm. & Science, Kopargaon on 7th and 8th January, 2019. 5. Attended a Two Days State Level Conference on “ Innovative Prospects in Basic and Applied Plant Sciences (IPBAPS 2019)” at Hutatma Rajguru Mahvidyalaya on 27th and 28th December, 2019. Dr. Abhijit Kulkarni was an Organizing Secretary of an International Conference organized by Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar in Collaboration with AIMST University, Malaysia. This Conference was held during 8th and 9th February, 2019. Dr. Abhijit Kulkarni is appointed as a Reviewer to review the Research Manuscripts for the International Journal Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. This is an Indexed and UGC Listed Journal. AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE An International Conference entitled “ Recent Advances in Traditional Medicine, Medicinal Plants and Phytochemistry “ was Organized by Post Graduate Department of Botany in Collaboration with AIMST University, Malaysia and sponsored by Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. This conference was organized during 8th and 9th February, 2018. Principal Dr. R. J Barnabas was the chief guest, Dr. Amar Supate, Senior Scientist from MPCB, Mumbai was Guest of Honour of the Inaugural Program. Dr. Subhash Bhore of AIMST University, Malaysia had given Key note Address. Total 300 delegates have participated in Plenary and Technical sessions. Dr. Subhash Bhore from Malaysia, Dr. Anjana Singh from Nepal, Dr. Priyansh Nimaje from Norway, Prof. Dr. D. K Gaikwad from Shivaji University, Kolhapur,, Prof. Milind Sardesai, Dr. Anjali Kulkarni, from SPPU, Pune and Dr. Samina Shaikh from Abudhabi had been invited as Resource Persons for the conference. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. B. M Gaykar as a convener, Dr. Prasad Lamrood as a Co-Convener and Dr. Abhijit Kulkarni as an Organizing Secretary and all the faculty members of Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology Department and Post Graduate students of Botany have taken active participation in successful organization of this Conference after almost 21 years in Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar Study Tours: 1. Students of T.Y.Bsc. Botany have organized a study tour to MPKV, Rahuri. They have visited Seed Technology Research Laboratory. Dr. Sukhdev Ransing, Assistant Seed Research Officer has explained them about Seed, Seed Certification, Types of seed and t

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Botany_UG_CO_PO_PSO_2019-20 Botany_UG_CO_PO_PSO_2019-20
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Botany_UG_CO_PO_PSO_2021-22 Botany_UG_CO_PO_PSO_2021-22
Botany_UG_CO_PO_PSO_2022-23 Botany_UG_CO_PO_PSO_2022-23
Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2018-19 Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2018-19
Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2019-20 Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2019-20
Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2020-21 Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2020-21
Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2021-22 Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2021-22
Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2022-23 Botany_PG_CO_PO_PSO_2022-23


Faculty Name Qualification Designation Experience (Yrs.) Email ID Profile
Professor B.M. Gaykar MSc., Ph.D. Head, Professor 31 View
Dr. A. A. Kulkarni M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor 29 View
Prof. S. R. Bale M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor 19 View
Dr. Prasad Y. Lamrood M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor 15 View
Mr. Sagar Sarjerao Bawake M.Sc. SET Asst. Professor 9 View
Dr. Nisha H. Godse M.Sc. Ph.D. Asst. Professor 11 Yrs View